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United States 1st July 2014 – MaxCon PLUS equips you with the commercial construction estimating software to assure you the most précised calculations and counting.

Calculations and counting things is an essential job in everyone’s life. People working in all the types of fields need to calculate things on a regular basis. Nevertheless, there are times when it’s not possible to actually calculate or measure things mainly because of tiny size or huge numbers. The method of estimation proves to be very useful in such conditions. Architecture and construction are the fields under its influence. This job is made easy by the estimating software for construction for you by MaxCon PLUS. Its cloud based software which helps to estimate any type of measurement and increases the speed of calculation and counting resulting in faster finishing off work. The Construction cost estimating software is very convenient to calculate the cost of construction before it begins and helps the investors as well as the builders. Industrial construction estimating software also proves to be advantageous to even the small industry owners because of its cheap price and easy accessibility. Thus, MaxCon PLUS regarded as the best estimating software for contractors and is very helpful to many people working in different fields.


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The cloud- based software is committed to presenting the most accurate estimations in any type of construction measurements.


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