Get Prepared for Wilderness Task Set with Cheap RS Gold Buying

The Wilderness can be a really intimidating place for a new RuneScape player to start but thanks to the new Task Set, there is a now a structured way to make your first steps into these dangerous but fruitful lands. The official has announced wilderness task set. If you want to buy cheap Runescape gold, RSorder is your first and best choice.

From stealable Slayer contracts and new skilling spots to Task Sets for players of levels, there are more reasons than ever to lose yourself in the wild and earn great rewards in the process.

Experienced players will also have loads to gain from playing through the Tasks, not least the powerful Wilderness sword detailed in the Rewards. For convenience, Tasks can be done in any order, but you can’t claim a set's rewards until you've completed it and all the tasks in the previous ones.

As well as an XP lamp, completing the Easy set of Tasks will earn you the Wilderness Sword. This weapon upgrades as you complete each harder set of tasks and its bonuses stack are as follows. Tier one grants you free teleports to the Wilderness herb patch & Edgeville and Locates the Wildywyrm. Tier two gives you +5% XP at Wilderness Agility Course (the sword must be equipped), improved pickpocket rates at rogues, teleports to Forinthry Dungeon. Tier three gives you air obelisk shortcut, quick teleports to Wilderness lodestone, access to item un-noter at the Chaos Altar, no disease at the Wilderness herb patch, and choice of destination at the Wilderness Obelisk. Tier 4 gives you 1 free daily teleport to the Warbands camp of your choice, Lava strykewyrms drop noted ashes (sword must be equipped or in your inventory), free teleports to Wilderness Agility Course, and improved drop rate for ancient warrior equipment in Forinthry dungeon.

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