Blomdahl Medical Earrings- An allergy free ear piercing

Ear piercings nowadays is been taken very seriously as there are a lot of spa and salon who provide non- medically proven piercings which raise health concerns among children, specifically. The traditional procedure uses nickel which very much induces into blood and causes further skin problems. But, the Blomdahl ear piercings- medically proven and the safest technology, uses 0% Nickel which is safe to human body.

The individual suffering from eczema, acne, or any other skin diseases with sensitive skin can use blomdahl örhängen which are safer. The blomdahl contains the medical plastic which is only the material that has no nickel in it. Both children and adult can use these earrings. The ear piercings earrings are complete medical grade titanium based. Unlike nickel, titanium is non allergic to skin which uses rhodium for its quality characteristics and skin friendliness.

The homogenously made titanium is the only material which is medical tested on skin and proven to be safe. The gold and silver metals can be used in hål i öronen as the earrings only display them on the upper coverings. As the gold or rhodium is present only on the visible part of the earrings, it does not come into contact with the skin.