1.     You have one speed: GO. Let’s face it. You will never hear your boss ask you to do your job slower. You will never catch a cab being the slowest person on the curb. You never think “I hope the copier breaks today so I can be extra late to my meeting.” When you get a massage, everything changes. You are literally and figuratively being forced to slow your rapid pace of life and finally cut yourself some slack.

2.     You can feel your body rebelling against you. That constant pressure between your eyes; the ever-growing stiffness in your joints. Every morning, it seems to take you just a little longer to claw your way out of bed (I prefer the rolling method). Let a professional massage therapist evaluate your current state and work some magic with their hands like they are trained to do. You will get up from that table feeling 30 pounds lighter and at peace with the universe.

3.     You feel like you’re losing it. Or maybe you don’t even remember what it feels like to have “it.” Business meetings, PTA meetings, soccer games, hockey practice, and doctors’ appointments are all jammed into your calendar in color-coordinated efficiency. Your planner may look like the Type-A dream, but it is taking a toll on your mental well-being. Do you feel like you blink and a week went by? Lose your keys more than once a day when you usually know where everything is at all times? Time to get a massage, let all of it go for that little patch of time when you can let your mind escape to a place of relaxation and bliss.

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