Atlogys Aiming to Increase Revenues and Profits in the New Financial Year

Atlogys has recently announced their plans and strategies for the Financial year. There are many ways through which they will be achieving their goals.

Atlogys, one of the premier Technical Consulting Companies in India, recently gave us an insight regarding their plans for the Financial Year of 2014-15. The insiders tell us that their consultants work hard in delivering the best services by grasping the vision of their clients and then panning out strategies which will deliver the best results. The basic aim of growth and challenging, cutting-edge work keeps them motivated and they also keep the budget and time targets of the end client in mind when delivering, thereby giving top priority to client satisfaction.

AT Atlogys, the CTO consultants work hand-in-hand with the client, thereby eliminating any gaps in communication, which makes them, work efficiently and which also projects the step-by-step progress to the clients, checking the business objectives of the client’s company.

Their Head office is located at one of the prime locations in Delhi, at R-42, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi- 110048. But they have a client-bases all around the world.  Atlogys’s Founder, Ms Ritika Sanghi has been awarded an Honors Degree in BSc. from Carnegie Mellon University, in Computer Science. She is the winner of the Microsoft technical scholarship and Google Anita Borg technical Scholarship, which were awarded to her in 2004.

Ritika is an expert in large scale architectural web and mobile system design. She is also a member and one of the front activists of the Women@SCS community at her University, at Carnegie Mellon. She has also been a part of the Computer Science Outreach program in the US. Her achievements also hold up being a senior software engineer (SSE) at Google, California where she worked for four years.

Recently Atlogys announced that they are aiming to increase the revenues and profits in the New Financial Year.

An official spokesperson was quoted saying, "Financial Year 14-15 is going to be a year of double plus returns. The company has been investing heavily in office, architecture, employees and HR, from the Financial Year of ‘09 to the Financial Year of ’13, which started paying off from April 2013 onwards."  The statistics show that in FY ’13-’14, Atlogys raised their revenues by 5 times, and the profits were increased sixfold raising the profits to a whopping 600%.

The spokesperson further tells us "In the Year 2014-15 we are planning to maintain the up-trend where we are planning to double the profits once gain by increasing the revenue."

They are strategically working in the businesses with older clients, with also engaging with the new clients efficiently. A large number of the client-base has renewed their relationship with the company, further strengthening their individual partnerships. Their strategic planning is going forward where they want to stabilize the expenses, but use economies of scale set before March 2013.

The company is also investing in PR and has also been featured in Media Companies like CNBC, which are also acting as the stimulating factors in the growth of the company. For more details about the company, visit

About Atlogys

Atlogys is a Technology Consulting (TC) company, which was founded by Ex-Google SSE’s. They have offices in New Delhi, Jaipur and Virginia.