keyboard_arrow_up Renewable energy construction in Poland 2014 - Development forecasts and planned investments, New Report Launched

This publication presents the results of a recent study of construction market activity related to facilities that use wind, solar, water, biomass and biogas - renewable fuels - to produce electrical power for sale and use in Poland.

This report supplies analysis of each segment according to fuel source and enlightens readers as to established and emerging market trends. It analyses Poland’s planned RES act and describes the potential effects of regulations on companies involved in the generation of power using renewable resources.


  • It provides evaluations and descriptions of conditions in all key market segments - wind power, hydroelectric power, biomass and photovoltaics
  • It presents data describing the size (MW) and value (PLN bn) of the entire renewable energy construction market in Poland
  • It discusses obstacles to planned investments and percentage of those successfully finalised
  • It names specific locations in Poland that contain the highest investments in renewable energy generation
  • It examines new industry regulations and estimates their effects on planned renewable energy investments in Poland.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of the market for power generation construction projects in Poland when you read about the possibilities for market growth among companies generating power using wind, hydroelectric biomass and photovoltaic sources and Investment strategies of leading companies in this market, including details on planned investments and likelihood of completion.

Report Benefits for -

  • New market entry
  • Locating new projects and contracts in renewable energy construction in Poland
  • Devising a successful corporate growth strategy
  • Evaluating the prospects for upcoming investments in this market
  • Observing and analysing competitor activity
  • Assessment of current corporate market share
  • Creating reporting and analyses for executive and shareholder use

Target Audience –

  • Contractors involved in renewable energy source construction
  • Specialised equipment providers and manufacturers offering products for this sector
  • Businesses offering new construction equipment brands and innovations designed for RES
  • Researchers, analysts and consultants with interests in this sector
  • Financial services professionals at banks, brokerage houses and operating investment funds

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