Secure Storage Solutions from Global Relocations

[DUBAI, 1/10/2014] – Global Relocations, a Dubai-based international moving company, informs customers about its secure storage pre-moving service to make sure their personal and important belongings are safe before their scheduled move.


The company and its team of moving specialists understand that customers have differing needs when it comes to moving locally or internationally. They always want to help make the moving process easier and more convenient. In some cases, customers need a place to store their belongings before they actually move or settle into their new location. Global Relocations provides the right services that cater to this particular need.


Secure Storage


Customers who haven’t identified their new home will greatly benefit from this type of service. They can focus on looking for a place of residence and complete the necessary documents while Global Relocations takes care of all their valuables. This will relieve some stress on the part of the customers, knowing that their belongings are in a secure storage facility.


Spacious and Air Conditioned Facility


The moving company manages a 250,000 cubic feet warehousing and storage facility. The outdoor temperature in Dubai rises up to 45 degrees centigrade during summer. This may cause damage to furniture and other goods. The facility has temperature controlled units. The air conditioning system keeps everything preserved and intact until the customers decide to retrieve their items.


Packed and Sealed


Global Relocations has a team of moving specialists who takes care of packing the goods for international transit. They load the items into large wooden storage crates called lift vans to keep them secure. The goods remain sealed until the customers ask to unpack or deliver them. The company uses a numbering and logging system to make sure no item will go to the wrong person or location.


About Global Relocations


Global Relocations is a British owned and operated moving business based in Dubai, UAE. It has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the local and international moving industry. Established in 2001, the company is quickly gaining popularity among individuals and small to large companies looking to move to anywhere in the world. It’s fast becoming a global leader in providing moving, storage and relocation solutions.


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