Steve Smith and Associates Leaders in MLM

Steve Smith, legendary marketer and Excel Communications veteran, returns to reshape and redefine network marketing thought leadership through his new venture, Steve Smith & Associates. Uniting technology and experience, Smith brings his model of multilevel marketing success into a new generation and is now available to share that information with the business world.

Steve Smith’s main experience driver was his tenure as Chief Marketing Officer for Excel Communications. As both the first representative within the company and the architect of its compensation plan, Steve’s multilevel marketing knowledge allowed for eventually two million sales representatives to join Excel, creating thousands of millionaires in the process. By utilizing a multilevel model, Excel became the fourth largest long distance carrier in the United States and reached one billion dollars in revenue nine years faster than Microsoft.

At the company’s peak of growth, Steve himself earned $1.2 million dollars per month so developed was the recruitment and compensation models Excel employed under his tenure. Recognizing though the opportunities that new analytics models and cheaper, faster technological solutions can bring to the multilevel game now, Steve has decided to meld his theoretical and managerial experience with Web 2.0 technology. This intellectual merger advances multilevel marketing to a new stage of refinement.

In addition to deploying his proprietary development program to interested companies, Steve is making himself available personally to speak with prospective clients and directly oversee and reengineer their compensation plan models and recruitment for an agency fee. CEOs and marketing professionals can now gain direct insight into the Excel model and how to successfully implement in today’s increasingly quick and competitive market from the architect himself. Available for direct consultation and speaking engagements, Steve Smith sees the opportunity inherent in MLM 2.0 and is ready to share it with those willing to listen to him.

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