Exousia School of the Prophetic

                          Founder and Director

                    Prophetess Jacqueline Gaffney



This is a school that teaches you how to use the gifts of the prophetic and how to recognize and understand the gifts, and how it should be used properly in the local church.

Learn about the different levels of the prophetic flow.

The prophetic anointing brings great deliverance, healing, and prosperity; a word of inspiration, edification, exhortation and comfort. The prophetic word gives insight to the local church and the leaders.

 7 Weeks of classes begin Tuesday July 15 

     Location:  Sound of Heaven 30 Eastern Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729 ยท (631) 940-1935

     Time:        7:00 pm to 9pm

     Price:        $25 dollars for materials and Prophetic manual

     Needs:     Come with Bible.

For more information call Prophetess Jacqueline at 917-557-5672

Amos: 3 verse 8 (The lion roared who will no fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken who can but prophesy)