A New Steam Cleaner Comes To Bonita, CA

Toro Steam Cleaning provides various steam cleaning services to clients within Bonita, as well as the surrounding Chula Vista and San Diego areas. Various types of steam cleaning services are offered to both residential and commercial clients, including the steam cleaning of carpets, area rugs, tile, grout, upholstery and windows.

By using the latest technology in steam cleaning, the company provides a professional service with a quality grade that goes unmatched in the same area. The fluids used during the cleaning process are safe for both children and pets, which also means there are no risks involved with their procedures.

Apart from offering professional steam cleaning services to their clients, Toro Steam Cleaning also specializes in the restoration of various natural stones including Travertine, Granite, Marble and Flagstone.
The company holds a reputation for being able to bring these types of natural stone to an excellent condition without any damage or problems.

To assist clients with their steam cleaning requirements, Toro Steam Cleaning offers free complimentary consultations. The consultation includes an analyzes and cost overview to give the client an estimate on the amount their steam cleaning requirements will cost them. Once a consultation has been conducted, the client can order the requested services from the company in order for the company to start with the steam cleaning procedures at the client’s location.

Businesses are able to benefit from the services offered by Toro Steam Cleaning as a business environment quickly builds up dust. The company offers a fast and efficient service to clean all carpets, tiles, grout, rugs, upholstery and windows at the business’s premises to ensure a clean working condition is always met.

More information can be obtained from the company’s website or by giving the company a quick phone call at 619-631-8676. Their website can be accessed at and provides a complete list of the services they offer for both residential and commercial clients. The website also contains more details on their natural stone restoration services and allows clients to schedule an appointment directly from their internet browser.

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"The Toro Difference" isn't just a slogan, it is how we seperate ourselves from the rest. In order to do so we offer excellence in cleaning and in experience. A great example of this is our 12-step process for in-home carpet cleaning. Very few can match the lengths we go to ensure a true deep cleaning for your carpets. We like it that way. Call us today for a complimentary consultation at 619-631-8676.

Victor Cantu
Company: Toro Steam Cleaning
Address: 5113 Choc Cliff Dr, Bonita, CA 91902
Phone: (619) 631-8676