Summer League: Game Rules for NBA games

Summary of the format and playing rules for NBA 2K17 MT Summer League 2016.

NBA Summer Leagues - Game Rules

All-non tournament games played during NBA Summer Leagues will be played under the following rules:

Four - ten minute quarters

Eight minute halftime

Ten minute warm up period prior to the start of each game

Teams are in the penalty on the 10th team foul or 2nd team foul in the last two minutes

Players foul out with their 10th personal foul

Each team will receive two full timeouts per half

Mandatory timeouts will be taken at the first stoppage of play after 5:59 and 2:59 of each quarter

A timeout taken by a team will negate the next mandatory timeout due in that quarter

Timeouts do not carry over

All timeouts will be 1:45 in duration

Each team will also receive one advance (stop play, ability to substitute, and inbound the ball from the 

28' mark in the frontcourt) in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter and in any overtime period