The best ERP software puts your business at your fingertips

In 1990 the first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software came into use in larger companies which had previously used a plethora of un-coordinated software in their businesses. An integrated software system became increasingly important for efficient business functioning as computers became more networked and the capacity of computers vastly improved.

At first large scale ERP systems were used only by larger, multi-function industrial organizations. However, computer power has increased, costs came down, computer decentralization has became more viable and remote access by wireless devices has entered the picture. Large scale multi-dimensional ERP systems have came into widespread use even in small to medium sized businesses of many types.

Small to medium sized companies where product manufacturing is part of what they do are largely relying on contract manufacturing for parts of all of their products. For contract manufacturers, fully integrated ERP systems may have an especially important role in coordinating research and development, sales, ordering, on-time manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, and delivery functions. Complete ERP systems add accounting, inventory, production management and personnel functions in one integrated format.

SAP was founded by former IBM engineers in 1992 during the period of creative growth in the development of ERP systems. Their ERP software is considered one of the best in the world. It provides real-time, continuously updated visibility of every aspect of complex business processes in a form that can be read by personnel across the entire organization. SAP Business One incorporates years of experience into a solution that is just right for mid-sized contract manufacturing firms.

The SAP Business One program integrates

  • financial management functions including general ledger, cost accounting and cost monitoring, budget management, banking, payment processing, financial statements with reporting, tales tax processing;
  • sales management functions including opportunity management, customer contact, customer relations, sales quotes and orders, invoicing, pricing, gross profits, order processing;
  • Production functions including purchasing, orders, deliveries and returns, accounts payable, bills of materials, materials forecasting, web-enabled purchase orders and order processing;
  • Inventory, bin location and cataloging;
  • Administration functions including workflow alerts, human resources.


Successful installation and integration of complex SAP software itself require expertise. Training in the use of ERP systems is an essential part of the full assimilation of the system. At LBSI, we have years of experience with successful customer implementations. Please contact us to learn more.

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