Let’s Eat: Asian in Glenwood Springs

Spas and hot springs aren’t the only things in abundance in Glenwood Springs. Among the town’s many culinary choices is a profusion of Asian restaurants. Use this guide to Asian flavors to help you choose where and what to eat. Knowing where a dish originates offers important clues about cooking styles and ingredients. 

  • Cantonese. Food from the Guangdong province and Hong Kong features braising, stewing and sauces. Try: chow mein dishes, spring rolls and Char Siu, a type of barbeque pork.
  • Sichuan/Szechuan.  Cuisine from the central province of China is bold and spicy, with garlic, peanuts and ginger. Try: Kung Pau chicken and twice cooked pork.
  • Shanghai.  Shanghai cuisine features fish, along with salted meat dishes. Try: drunken chicken, lion’s heart meatballs and shrimp with green tea leaves.
  • Beijing. A Northern specialty that includes fried foods, especially chicken. Notable flavors include sweet and sour, soy and sesame.  Try:  hot and sour soup, Peking duck and moo shu pork.  

These Glenwood Springs restaurants serve specialties from regions throughout the Asian continent: J.H. Chen Asian Bistro, May Palace, China Town, Chang Thai, Taipei Tokyo, Zheng Asian Bistro. 

  • Thai. Flavors balance spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter, along with the liberal use of herbs like cilantro, lemon grass, basil and mint. Try: Pad Thai or Thai basil chicken. Zheng Asian Bistro, Chang Thai, Taipei Tokyo.
  • Japanese. Famous for sushi and sashimi, Japanese food is fresh and light. Soba and udon noodles are used in many soups and entrees. Try: sushi, a noodle bowl and teriyaki dishes. Kanpai Sushi, Zheng Asian Bistro, J.H. Chen Asian Bistro, Taipei Tokyo, May Palace.
  • Nepalese. Staples such as lentils, rice and curried vegetables aka dal, bhat and takari, feature prominently in Nepalese cooking. Try: various momo, thukpa and lamb entrees. Nepal Restaurant.

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