Automotive Security Systems Market

Modern day automobiles are no longer purely mechanical devices; years of technological advancements have made them faster, efficient, more comfortable and hence expensive. With these advancements in technology and efficiency certain risks have emerged as well, the major being Auto Theft. In the present scenario the need for advanced security systems for automobiles is acknowledged across the globe. Present dayautomotive security systems comprise of numeroussystems such as Anti-Theft System, Remote Keyless System, Car Alarm, Automatic Vehicle Location System, Power Door Locks, Vehicle Tracking System, Immobilizer System, Automatic Vehicle Location System, Smart Key System etc.; majority of these systems are Global Positioning System (GPS) Enabled, whileBiometric and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)applications have also become popular and helpmaintain high level of security and legitimacy.Security is a major concern for all Automobile owners and as a result Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) incorporate various advance security systems for enhanced protection. These security systems vary in specifications and functionality depending on the vehicle type.

This report covers the market for automotive security systems market in terms of volume and value. The market volume is provided in terms of thousand units; whereas the value for the market is provided in terms of $million 2014 to 2019. Further it analyses the automotive security systems market which can be broadly segmented by technology that isGPS, Biometric and RFID detection systems; by vehicle type that is, Passenger cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy commercial vehicle and by Geographythat is Asia-Pacific, Europe, North-America and ROW) focusing on major countries of each region.

The report classifies and defines the automotive security systems market by volume and value, while providing qualitative insights about the Security System types. It also analyses comprehensively the market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges and key issues in the Automotive Security Systems market. The key players in the market for automotive security systems have also been identified and profiled.

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Smart Key System: More Secure System

Smart keys were developed to curtail the problem of car theft; it is also known as Passive Start Entry System. The problem with the standard keys was if, thieves didn’t have the car keys they used to hotwire the vehicle and steal it. Smart key systems prevent immobilizer. It works on rolling codes which is one time password system, only after verification of code, the car engine starts.