DOT LIGHT – a LIGHT that charge your device..

by Imagination Farm USA, May 2014, Houston Texas

DOT LIGHT. The most CREATIVE and CUSTOMIZABLE led light you've ever seen!
With USB charger + IPhone DOCK STATION.+ picture holder + ..

It's called "DOT LIGHT"

DOT LIGHT is the most VERSATILE Dock Station ever made.. and the most CREATIVE and CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHT you've ever seen!

The market IS SATURATED WITH AN INFINITE NUMBER OF lamps and dockstations, so that's why the DOT LIGHT campaign on Kickstarter is presenting a MULTIFUNCTIONAL and CUSTOMIZABLE, DOCKSTATION/LIGHT with a variety of usages, WITH 3 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM.

A high-tech yet sleek LIGHT model with a refined design combined with it space saving multifunctions (only 49 $)
A Universal DOCKSTATION model compatible with your iPhone 5/5s , new iPod Touch and Ipad Air with a certified Apple connector! (only 95 $)
A USB charger model compatible with all the devices you have! (only 79 $)

This product is amazing, affordable, and the next breakthrough for all consumers who love DESIGN PRODUCTS "Made in Italy"

DOT LIGHT, THE NEW DOCKSTATION/LIGHT for ANY Smartphone or Tablet is an innovative and exciting new addition to the digital and interior DESIGN WORLD.

The Kickstarter Campaign is proving to be the ideal outlet for putting the DOT LIGHT into production, but WE NEED THE PLEDGES AND DONATIONS OF KICKSTARTER SUPPORTERS EVERYWHERE.

Innovative. Performance-oriented. Cost-effective….

You can be a part of this amazing and unique new product concept and receive your own DOT LIGHT by donating at :