Kansas City, Mo. (Jan. 6, 2014) – No snow will impact Super Bowl XLVIII at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N. J. on Feb. 2, 2014 as forecasted by Weather 2020, a newly launched mobile app based on Lezak’s Recurring Cycle (LRC), a revolutionary weather forecasting technology created by Gary Lezak, a seasoned weather expert and current chief meteorologist at Kansas City’s 41 Action News. The one-of-a-kind app provides weather forecasts up to 12 weeks in advance. Weather 2020’s forecast deflates the official forecast from “The Old Farmers’ Almanac,” the 196-year-old reference guide that has become known for its long-range weather predictions, which is forecasting bitter cold and possible snow. “The Farmers’ Almanac’s” predicted forecast has even compelled the NFL to compile contingency plans that include rescheduling the Super Bowl for either the Saturday before or the Monday or Tuesday after Feb. 2. While these preparations are rational based on “The Farmers’ Almanac’s” forecast, Weather 2020, based on the LRC, has forecasted nearly a zero percent of snow on Super Bowl Sunday. Weather 2020 has also forecasted the possibility of rain days before Feb. 2, but with forecasted temperatures reaching as high as into the 50’s, the precipitation will not result in snow.

Weather 2020, which launched on Dec. 16 of last year, uses human analysis for weather forecasts that are more precise and more accurate than any existing computer-generated models. The LRC, which is the basis for Weather 2020, is an innovative weather forecasting model powered by steady observation by human meteorological experts based on the analysis of recurring weather patterns.

Weather 2020 provides consumers with weather forecasts 77 days beyond the current 7-day standard. Greater certainty of weather when planning weddings, vacations and other major events is now possible via the Weather 2020 app on the iOS 7 download on iPhones and iPads. Weather 2020 is free to download at Apple’s App Store. The free download includes Weather 2020’s short-range (7-day) and long-range forecasts for unlimited locations.

Personal Weather Balloons

Personal weather balloons can customize and track events up to 12-weeks in advance with alerts of any changing conditions for designated dates. A weather balloon launch will provide app users with real-time email and ping alerts when the forecast for their tracked date is updated, a valuable feature as weather is a decisive factor when planning events and vacations. Unlimited weather balloons can be launched for one month, three months and one year for 99 cents, $2.99 and $8.99, respectively. The app includes weather forecasts for the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

Weather 2020 can be found online at and in social media on Facebook at, Twitter at @weather2020, Pinterest at, and Instagram at The website includes a blog regularly updated by Lezak.

About Weather 2020

Weather 2020 is the first and only mobile app that provides users weather projections beyond the typical seven-day forecast, allowing for weather tracking up to 12 weeks in advance across the U.S.  Weather 2020 is the creation of Gary Lezak, a seasoned meteorologist and creator of Lezak’s Recurring Cycle (LRC), a scientific method of forecasting weather and the basis of Weather 2020. Using the LRC, Lezak and his team are able to prepare weather forecasts with an 84-day lead time. Weather 2020 is available for free in the Apple Store and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Weather 2020 users can also launch custom weather balloons to track weather for designated dates and be notified in real-time when the weather changes for the tracked dates. Unlimited weather balloons can be launched for a small fee.

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