Tutorial Services on Early Childhood Education Subjects from Progressive Home Tutors

Progressive Tutors, a leading company of tutors in Australia with reasonably-priced and affordable tuition fees, offers tutorial services for early childhood education subjects.

[PERTH, JUNE 23, 2014]—Progressive Home Tutors, a leading provider of quality tutorial services for young students at affordable rates, offers a comprehensive set of solutions for parents with children enrolled in early childhood education. This is part of the company’s commitment to provide holistic and all-encompassing educational support solutions.

The Subject Areas

Progressive Home Tutors staff members that specialise in tutorial for early childhood education cover the following areas of learning: sounds, numbers, reading, writing, maths, spelling, and special needs. The education services suit children aged 1-4.

The Educators

All the educators in Progressive Home Tutors’ vast network are registered and experienced in both classroom teaching and one-on-one learning. They have high proficiency in the subjects of math, language, and sciences.

The educators from Progressive Home Tutors are trained to effectively identify areas where a student is having troubles. They also have a strong grasp of the curriculum that the student should be using. Moreover, they have intermediate knowledge in child psychology to effectively handle students and establish rapport with them while maintaining their professional authority.

Tuition Fees

Progressive Home Tutors sets a reasonable tuition fee for this particular service. The fee generally entitles parents to request any number of teachers for any subjects and for any members of the family within the 12-month enrolment period. Childhood education is included the primary to secondary years K-9 bracket, where tuition fee costs $65 per hour. 

About Progressive Home Tutors

Progressive Home Tutors is a recognised tutorial company in Australia. For more than 20 years, the company has been providing quality tutorial services for early childhood, and primary and secondary education students. The assisted learning services suits the unique needs and learning curves of students. Progressive Home Tutors maintains a database of more than 900 qualified teachers that use advanced teaching methods. They use a special framework that determines the strengths and weaknesses of each student as far as learning is concerned. All educators commissioned by the company are registered with their relevant states teaching college or the registration board.

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