Gossett Marketing President and CEO Danette Gossett featured on ABC as Guest on Success Today.

Danette Gossett, the President/ CEO of Gossett Marketing and Co-Founder of Promotions Resource LLC, was recently seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX network affiliates around the country as a guest on Success Today with Bob Guiney.

COCONUT GROVE, FL- June 15 2015 – Danette Gossett, the President of Gossett Marketing and co-founder of Promotions Resource LLC, was recently featured as a guest on Success Today with Bob Guiney. The show was filmed in Orlando, Florida and features an interview with Bob “The Bachelor” Guiney as host. During the interview, Bob and Danette discussed the success of her business and some of the more interesting projects that she has created for clients. To learn more tips, watch the episode with Danette Gossett. It recently aired on affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX around the country.

Danette Gossett brings more than 30 years of marketing experience developing advertising campaigns, direct marketing programs and sales promotions for her clients. Her company, Gossett Marketing is a promotional marketing agency that works to set clients apart with effective branded promotional programs. In addition, as co-founder of Promotions Resource LLC, she has recently launched a new authority website to assist businesses in understanding how to develop effective sales promotion programs.


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