Amazing Ice Sculpting Festival in London

It’s winter time and the beginning of an exciting New Year. January is filled with amazing events which are the top tourist attractions in London. Among which Ice Sculpting Festival at Canary Wharf is the most anticipated and visited event. This is a spectacular free event for the family where over three days you can witness artists creating mesmerizing ice sculptures in front of your eyes. You can participate in the event with your friends by forming a team or cheer the sculptor who has those extraordinary skills. The weather is also favorable and the conditions are perfect for the Ice Sculpting. 

The London Ice Sculpting Festival has different themes every year which are interesting and diverse. The 2012 Ice Sculpting Festival competition had the theme named Team Spirit and Winter Sports. The 2012 winners were Jonathan Lloyd in the singles competition and Pedro Mira & Niall Magee for the doubles competition. Jonathon Lloyd also won the Public Choice Award because his sculpture was the most creative and out of the league. The London Sculpting Festival gives chance for the people to display the talent and enjoy the amazing festive spirit. Works shops are organized in order to teach the techniques involved in creating the sculptures and the finishing techniques. The festival is for 3 days and your sculpture should remain intact for 3 days, so it is important for competitors to make sculptors sustainable for at least 3 days. The sculpting is popular in the countries in which the temperatures are near freezing point in the winters. London started organizing the festival few years back and now it has become a phenomenon and is one of the popular ice sculpting festivals in the world.

There are a number of difficulties such as variability and volatility of the material used for the sculpting. Ice may be sculpted in variety of temperatures according to the sculptor and various types of ice materials can be used as per the requirement. Pure ice should be free from impurities and only the best materials should be used. There are various sizes and shapes of ice blocks that are produced artificially in natural temperature under expert supervision. Naturally made blocks which are formed due to water freezing in rivers or lakes can be cut to almost any size and the reshaped according to our use. Mainly transparent ice enhances the effect and the appearance of the sculptures. Various tools such as chisels and chain saws are skillfully used to make any sculpture that seems to be impossible as they are made in such a short time span. We need to be Cautious as the ice melts quickly and then we need to modify the shapes and edges by adding water and then freezing it immediately and other improvising techniques. This year is going to be amazing for ice sculpting as the expectations are high and the standard is set and it should be only surpassed.

The year 2014 features some of the finest ice sculptors from around the world working round the clock to produce amazing and beautiful sculptures. The theme for this year’s Ice Sculpting festival is Fabulous Fashion for the doubles competition and River Life for the singles. And if you are bored and exhausted by Ice festival you can enjoy the evening with a hot London Escort. A romantic date with a hot London Lady will relax your mind and body. Cheap London Escorts are hot women who will make your date a memorable affair. Catch the action live at Canary Wharf, London and be part of yet another breathtaking and spectacular event.