Privus Mobile® Makes Texting While Driving Solution Accessible to All Smartphone Users

DALLAS – July 31, 2014 – While in traffic, look left and look right. Chances are you’ll witness the most prevalent and dangerous sight to be seen — texting and driving. Because of this, Dallas-based Privus Mobile® believes every driver should have access to a reliable solution to keep them safe and their eyes on the road. That’s why, the original mobile caller ID app developer is now offering their full-featured, Privus Caller ID app for FREE!

Equipped with all the features, including Caller ID, Text ID, Voice Cue and Caller Lookup, the Privus Caller ID app audibly announces the name of the contact calling or texting a driver’s cell phone, even if the contact is not listed in the phone’s contact list. The app is still available via a paid subscription for users who would like an ad-free platform.

“Through observations and news reports, we found there is a large, pent-up demand for a viable tool to keep drivers focused on the road,” said Greg Smith, president and CEO of Privus Mobile. “Because of this, we explored our free and paid versions of the app and realized all users need to have the app’s premium features available to them.”

The statistics are clear — 1.5 million teens and adults are in some kind of accident due to texting while driving each year according to the National Safety Council. Because of this, several texting and driving campaigns as well as bans against this behavior have been implemented at the city and state-wide levels. The effectiveness of these are unclear, but what is clear is that there needs to be a reliable solution to minimize the pressure and anticipation of receiving and sending text messages while driving.

“Our caller ID app is a realistic tool that does just that! It allows a driver to know who’s calling and stay connected to loved ones, business partners or employers,” Smith continued. “Other solutions simply don’t compare.”

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About Privus Mobile

I D YOU LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accudata Technologies, has launched the industry-first Privus Mobile service, which provides real Caller ID service to wireless handsets, giving users greater control over who they talk to and when. Privus Mobile is available for Android at the Google Play Store and Privus Mobile’s website. Privus Mobile’s iPhone application, iPrivus, is available in the App Store. I D YOU LLC, which is focused on providing the most comprehensive Caller ID service available, is headquartered in Allen, Texas. For more information, visit