How Expensive is School Today?

With school back in full swing it is time to turn our attention to the supplies our children will be needing within their school districts this year. It typically costs a student $50 a year for the most basic required supplies. Put simply, not all families are able to provide this monetary amount for their kids. That's where Operation Back to School comes in. This project, ran by Needs Inc. as well as Laramie County School District #1, collects donations in the form of supplies and money to provide required education supplies to over 1,300 Laramie County income-qualified students ranging from kindergarteners to college students.

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce supports this program and believes 100% that providing our next generation with the resources they need is crucial for their success. That said, one can find donation boxes in the form of pencil cases at our luncheon and other special events that are there to collect donations for this wonderful operation. Our August Mayoral Luncheon, sponsored by AARP, raised $271.82. That covers around 6 students--and we are just getting started! 

For more information and to donate to Operation Back to School, visit Laramie County School District #1's website. To learn of upcoming events where this operation can be found, please call Abigail Martin at the Chamber at 307-638-3388 or e-mail