Crescent Electric and fire department extinguish high energy costs with GE LEDs

The Dubuque (Iowa) Fire Department wants to save money and bring evenly dispersed lighting to its garage that houses seven emergency vehicles. Crescent Electric Supply Company, a leader in industrial lighting, partnered with a local contractor to retrofit the area inside the department’s headquarters in fall of 2013.

Replace and reduce the number of aging, inefficient fluorescent fixtures while distributing more light throughout the garage. The lighting retrofit had a tight time frame because the fire station operates 24/7.

Crescent Electric recommended installing several innovative, energy-efficient Albeo™ LED ABHX 2 Luminaires. The high-intensity fixture utilizes heat-sinking and cutting-edge LED technology to deliver a wide range of light outputs, replacing 250-to-1,500-watt T5/T8 fluorescent fixtures in high-bay applications. Housed in die-cast aluminum, the Albeo LED precision lens system emits a crisp, uniform light to deliver optimized illumination for open floors or racked aisles. Each Albeo LED module is equipped with an upper limit thermal control to ensure fixture lifetime throughout the temperature range. The 245-watt Albeo LED fixtures, like those installed in the Dubuque Fire Station, have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Each Albeo housing can accommodate up to six LED modules.

The retrofit reduced the number of fixtures in the fire station’s garage from 19 250-watt F96 T12 HO fluorescent fixtures to 12 GE Albeo LED ABHX 2 LED modules. Despite fewer fixtures, the Albeos increased the lumen output inside the building and provided a more even distribution of light reducing shadows cast by the fleet of emergency vehicles. The new lights have improved visibility and safety within the garage, while reducing operating costs.

“It’s a huge difference in the amount of light out there,” Fire Chief Dan Brown said. “It’s just remarkable!”

The department stands to save 38 percent or $870 annually on its lighting costs. The cost is expected to drop from $2,282 to $1,400. The newfound savings will eventually pay for the complete retrofit.

“If we work any similar projects in the future, I’m almost certain GE’s Albeo LEDs will be part of the discussion,” Brown said.