"Alex City" Hometown Girl Returns With Model Search

Alexander City, AL – Small town girl, Sandra Wyckoff is coming home to “Alex City” to kick off the National Model Search for 40z Rock’s 2015 Calendar Contest.

On July 15, 2014, at the Arena Center at 2:00pm, Wyckoff will be interviewing potential models to represent the 2015 Calendar for 40z Rock and possibly be the cover model for an upcoming edition of the magazine.

“I’m looking to give back to the community that raised me. I want to show the world that success and beauty are not only vibrant in the bigger cities but visible and thriving in “small town” America too.  There is so much to celebrate in your 40’z and the ladies of Alexander City should definitely be included!”, says Wyckoff.

Staying true to her entrepreneur spirit, Wyckoff previously ran a successful boutique which allowed her to interact with women of all walks of life. Through the success of her boutique, she was given the opportunity to participate in Proctor & Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign.  Given her excitement and enthusiasm while participating in the campaign, her imagination fueled the brainchild for 40z Rock.  She wanted a platform that allowed women to share in their excitement about the wonderful things they were doing in their communities, with their families and celebrating being at a beautiful age.  She felt that life was just beginning and that she as well as other women in their 40’s should celebrate themselves.

40z Rock is an organization that allows women to embrace their 40’s while encouraging them to have fun, be outgoing, flirty, glamorous, adventurous and successful.  With members in Atlanta, Savannah, Houston, New Jersey and in 2015 expanding to Cincinnati, Wichita, Las Vegas, Germany and China, 40z Rock is not solely based on a woman’s physical attributes.  “We consider women that ROCK as women who have worked on themselves and have reached a level of awareness that exudes a mental, physical and spiritual balance”, states Wyckoff

For additional information on 40z Rock National Model Search 2015 Calendar Contest, contact Sandra Wyckoff at or visit