The Perfect Pasta

Pasta is a food for everyone; no one can ever say that they don’t like pasta because of the so many varieties available. Besides the classic bolognaise pasta, there is also seafood pasta, even pesto for vegans. Everybody will have a pasta preference and therefore, everyone eats pasta.

One of the many pasta choices available is cannelloni which is pasta that is filled with meat or cheese. Doesn’t that sound just perfect? All the food groups in one dish, a whole meal in one small pasta bite. Of course, there is a myriad of different things you could put in cannelloni; the choice is as wide as pasta choices themselves.

Michaela Brown from Stage to the Stove has created a meat cannelloni recipe to tease your taste buds, provide you will all the food groups, and leave you asking for more.

Michaela Brown uses her new website Stage to the Stove to showcase a number of her famous new kitchen innovations and new and better take on all the classic recipes out there. Her site has everything you could think of, including your favorite recipes made better with her obvious culinary skill.

What’s more, even with this meat cannelloni recipe included, Michaela Brown always displays simple to follow steps on Stage to the Stove with basic culinary terms in order to get her readers to understand what is really meant and to ensure further success in their culinary takes on her recipes.

Michaela Brown takes all her readers and recipe users through step by step from the very beginning even before anything starts. This is the good thing about her – one can make sure that a recipe will taste exactly as it should be because Michaela Brown is specific with brands and what to get exactly. Being brand specific is nothing new to Michaela Brown; of course, she wants your creation to be just as amazing in taste as if she had created it herself.

With this meat cannelloni recipe, Michaela Brown will tell you exactly what meat to get to ensure the best taste to go with your pasta. She takes you through the preparation of both meat and pasta, giving instructions to achieve the al dente effect as what pasta should do. She provided methods on stuffing the pasta without damaging it but still making sure that there is enough stuffing in there. Michaela, as always, shows perfect cooking preparation and what kitchen tools to use as to not damage the cannelloni.

Lastly, with this meat cannelloni recipe, Michaela Brown will take you through making the perfect sauce to compliment the meat cannelloni and not make it seem overwhelming with an overpowering taste. Michaela Brown, through her recipe, will teach you all three important aspects of meat and pasta preparation to the sauce, and all in synchronicity with one another in order to make the perfect and complete meal that is cannelloni – which can sometimes even be fun to eat especially if you have kids around.