Alternative Music Rocks Crossing Over Many Genres

June26, 2014 - The world of music has consistently evolved. Genres have been defined and then the classic definitions have been junked to make way for new genres. In music, the concept of genres, subgenres and mixed genres is not new. Fusion has always been integral to music of all forms. If you had country blending with rock at one time then you had the lines blurring between gothic and heavy metal. Pop itself has a very vague description and it is often not regarded as a genre at all by hardcore rock musicians.

In such an ever changing world of music and with a vibrant indie music scene, it is only expected that alternative rock will cut through some traditional thresholds. Some of the top indie rock bands have been breaking the conventional definition of genres for a while and now there is Curse & Kisses that has successfully managed to cross over multiple genres. It was not uncommon for an alternative rock band to blend in more than one genre or subgenre but for a top indie rock band to cross over several genres is certainly, to a degree, unprecedented.

Curse & Kisses is one of the most intriguing top indie rock bands. While its fans have already hailed it as the best indie rock band in recent times, there is no clear inference as to which genre the band caters to.

Curse & Kisses is certainly an alternative rock band which is inclined to hard rock. Some portions of their compositions can be regarded as heavy metal but not all of it. Their neat organ instrumentals in between the different riffs offer you a sneak peek to the old school rock scene. While you can get transcended to a retro tour, Curse & Kisses will bring you straight back to where you belong with their hard progressions. Curse & Kisses is a rare top indie rock band that also takes a very different lyrical route. The metaphors the band uses, the degree of negativity or pessimistic proclamations that are apparent from their lyrics are a different breed altogether. At the same time, Curse & Kisses also comes up with anti drug lyrics which are commendable, especially when presented professionally and by truly skilled musicians.

While the best indie rock bands are always expected to break conventions, Curse & Kisses may have just succeeded in redefining the fine line of what makes alternative rock music.

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