PSA: Skilling Pets in Runescape Launched on August 22

The RS official has announced that PSA: Skilling Pets has been moved forward and it will be released on August 22. Many players are very pleased about this news. Here reasons why players are so obsessed with pets and suggestions for PSA: Skilling Pets are revealed. 

Reasons why players get so obsessed with pets

It's a cosmetic that doesn't require keepsake keys, rune coins or wearing specific clothing. It's a tag-along that you can use while wearing anything. Also it gives people a great incentive to grind. Besides, they are alternative ways to show accomplishments. In addition, it's a status symbol.

Suggestions for PSA: Skilling Pets

Firemaker's Curse Pets should be updated and they need no food and easy to re-obtain.

Phoenix hatchlings could probably be exchanged for Weekly D&D tokens. If in the rare chance you find a Nest with both pets learned, you can find 5 Feathers instead. Investigating the entrance invokes a Menagerie/Interface check.

Soul Wars pets should be unlocked from the moment anyone buys pets and existing pets should be learnt on Pickup. Trying to drop extras that you own would be exchanged to SW points and Slayer heads provided that you can have space.

Rune Guardian Pets should have their colors unlocked provided you make runes whilst they're the override/active pet or some sort of collapsible button to encompass all Altars.

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