Phoenix Based Veteran Owned Company Brings Manufacturing Tradition Back to US

October 29, 2015 - Phoenix, AZ DNKB Inc. has a goal - to become the strongest United States based manufacturer today, and the fuel behind that goal is their multi-talented, pre-trained team that relies on U.S. veterans and other underutilized Americans who really want to work.

A Problem For Companies Today

Startups and larger companies alike have to find the right manufacturer to make their products. It saves a tremendous amount of time and prevents more problems at the outset than most realize. With DNKB Inc. on the scene, though, it is easier than ever to find the right facility.

"We are experts in superior contract manufacturing to specification assembly. We understand just how important it is to have a partner with full capability of innovative, robust, and secure assembly solutions for today's complex protocols, so we have created our entire process around that," said Dwayne Baker, DNKB Inc's founder and CEO.

DNKB Inc. has set the industry standard, utilizing strong Quality Assurance protocols for AS9100C and ISO9001 certifications. To date, they've provided 99.9% on-time delivery with no shipment loss or damage for their clients. With a number of exceptional reviews from big name companies like Amazon and Petco, they are moving forward as the solutions for products and sub-assemblies that require intensive efforts.

More Than Just an Initiative

Many companies look for those feel-good initiatives that help set them apart from competitors. At first glance, DNKB Inc. might seem like one of those companies. With a deeper look, though, you will find that they have a deeper commitment to U.S. manufacturing and employing the under-employed.

"The United States has a long history that's rich in manufacturing. We want to bring that back. We want companies to feel like they have an option here in the States," said Baker.

Besides their commitment to manufacturing in the U.S., though, they're also committed to working with individuals few other companies employ. They're working hard to create jobs for both able-bodies and disabled veterans, other disabled individuals, and any underutilized Americans.

"We've built a company that is inclusion and diversity friendly. It's truly high quality assembly with family values. Our focus is on keeping costs low for our customers, but it's also on making sure we're providing a great space for our employees," said Baker.

As companies look for the right manufacturing partner, they simply can't do better than DNKB Inc.

About DNKB Inc.

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