Trials & Tribulations: Face Extinction or Innovate a New Marketing Campaign? Consultonomics Fight Back

It has been suggested that conventional marketing campaigns are near to extinction. Direct marketing firm, Consultonomics fights back to these claims, highlighting the reasons why direct marketing methods are still very much alive today.

LIMERICK, IRELAND, June 27, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a recent article published on Marketing Pilgrim, the value of conventional marketing campaigns was questioned; as it was suggested that the industry had reached a tipping point and was about to spin out of control. The article suggested that conventional marketing campaigns are becoming out of date and less and less effective.

The Article proposed that digital channels, social media and mobile communications have fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with brands and as a result, today's consumers don't necessarily show traditional buying behaviours. Instead, consumers design their own experiences, jumping between on and off line channels, consulting social networks and creating highly individualised paths to purchase and then continuing on to become brand advocates.

Consultonomics Ltd fights back and states that there is no need to continue to push for new ideas.

'Why reinvent the wheel? Marketing should be kept simple and direct to the consumer. Here at Consultonomics we interact with consumers, we educate them about the product, we answer their questions, and we shake their hands closing a sale on the spot. This makes our marketing campaigns very simple and very effective for the client as well as measurable,' says Joe Clarke, Managing Director of Consultonomics.

Consultonomics believe that the personalised approach through direct marketing substantially increases the chances of success for a business. 68 percent of marketers using personalised communication report a boost to their marketing ROI, and 74 percent report increased customer engagement. Customers want consistent, relevant communication with brands that offer them content they're likely to respond positively to. Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Consultonomics make a commitment to pleasing customers and generating long-term customers for their clients via direct marketing campaigns that are tailored specifically to the meet these expectations.

Direct marketing methods remain very important to major brands not only due to the high ROI the method offers but due to the personal experience customers have with the brand. Consultonomics proves to be a very effective source of direct marketing services in Limerick. The firm personalise the marketing experience for consumers by talking face to face with customer and explaining in detail the products and services on offer.

About Consultonomics

Consultonomics Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Limerick, Ireland, specialising in direct marketing solutions. The firm is a dominant market leader and offer clients a professional and personalised approach to marketing. Consultonomics work closely with clients to identify objectives, develop marketing strategies, establish a creative and cost-effective campaign, and follow through to deliver exceptional results.

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