Vietnam Origin Extra Dark Chocolate 73% without Soy Lecithin has the aromatic qualities gourmet cacao is famous for offering. 

Our NEW craft made Vietnam Chocolate comes from Mekong Delta Cacao grown sustainably and with complete traceability from farm to you. 

Ensuring farmers are paid fair living wages, Santa Barbara Chocolate is focused on offering you the best chocolate available and a healthy environment. Let's make the chocolate experience a win win for all. We are committed to always Helping Happiness Happen Here... in far off exotic jungles, our California Chocolate Factory and in your kitchen.

Excellent in baking or candy making our Vietnam 73% Dark Chocolate is easy to temper and will become one of your favorites in your repertoire.  Once melted and tempered all the flavors harmonize and the full bouquet is released.  

  1. Vietnam Cacao is considered a Fine Flavor Cacao by the ICCO
  2. Extra dark chocolate
  3. Bouquet of flavors unveil
  4. Exceptional chocolate will make you a chocolate snob... be warned.
  5. No soy lecithin

Strong cocoa notes slowly reveal floral, citrus and a lingering intense earthy flavor.  Go ahead, sit back and take a journey to the Mekong rainforest in this gourmet chocolate experience.

Extra dark chocolate with no burnt taste.  The quality of this chocolate is very apparent in the first bite of your dessert. Take your recipe to the next level.  

Vietnam Origin Chocolate 73% Cacao Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.