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Complete Pool Maintenance at Blue Crystal Pool Service

Katy, Texas – There is no better place to have a swimming pool than in Texas. With the scorching heat, having a pool is great for fun and relaxing, but it is also a big responsibility. Properly cleaning and maintenance for your pool will not only ensure safety, but it also helps prevent any future damages. The job requires more than cleaning the surface, removing the debris, and maintaining the chemical balance of the water. While many people would opt for a DIY job, it is best to leave your pool cleaning in Katy, TX to the professionals.

You should not have to risk your health when it comes to cleaning your pool. Professionals are trained, use the proper techniques, and have high-end equipment to perform the task. These services should be done on a regular basis which include water testing and water treatment. While having a pool can be an impressive feature in one’s home, it is also difficult and expensive to maintain. If you do not get the maintenance that it needs, then it will end up costing you even more money on repairs.

At Blue Crystal Pool Service, they offer an extensive 25 point pool maintenance program by utilizing the latest pool route management program to launch paperless digital reports to your email. This program includes the track pool chemical usage, chemical calculator to ensure the proper chemistry, an equipment list per location to improve better communication with requests and to expedite repairs, a record of their presence making use of the latest GPS tracker on their employees vehicles for quality control, and lastly, you will receive notifications when the job is complete with pictures sent to your email.

They also offer a full premium cleaning plan that happened on a weekly. The full pricing will depend on the size of the pool, filtration system, cleaning system, and landscaping that is surrounded by the pool. Any additional fees will apply for pool/spa combos. Then, the final pricing will be determined at the initial survey of the pool by one of their representatives. There will be no additional startup charges for minor cleaning and chemicals, but there will be fees that apply for green pools that have algae. Startup fees will also apply to pools that have a large amount of plants or dirt that need to be removed prior to the starting of their weekly services.

Aside from cleaning and maintenance services, Blue Crystal offers pool repair in Katy, TX. They also install all brands, makes, and models of pool equipment. They firmly stand behind their work by offering a 1 year warranty against workmanship defects. Their qualified pool repair technicians will arrive to your property fully prepared with the equipment, tools, and parts necessary to accomplish even the most difficult pool repair jobs. Whether you are thinking of buying a new piece of pool equipment and need installation or if you have a problem with your existing filter or pump, you can call them up and they will come at the best possible time. With their expertise, you are assured that they will get the job done right the first time.

Blue Crystal Pool Service is always looking for ways to exceed your expectations in customer service. Whenever you call, you will never have to wait to speak to someone within their team. They make their customers their top priority and always deliver a top notch job. Their staff is prompt, knowledgeable, and skilled to attend any of your pool service needs. You may call them anytime and they will be available to answer any of your important questions or concerns. Their phones are also monitored on weekends and holidays.

So if you are looking for a reliable company for your pool cleaning or pool repair in Katy, TX, Blue Crystal Pool Service is more than happy to work with you. They understand how much responsibility and effort it requires to maintain a swimming pool. Therefore, they want to take matters into their hands so that you do not have to stress about it. Not only that, but it can save a lot of your time by doing more important tasks or even spending some time on yourself. Do not hesitate to call them at 713-900-7750 or email them at for more information. Book them today! You can also visit to know more.