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Work Hardening Testing for Reentry into the Workplace

People who are injured on the job are entitled to financial assistance. Workers' compensation is only part of the package, and it is not available to everyone. When the benefits run out, or the funds are not available at all, injured workers must return to work. Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) tests help those who are eager to reenter the workplace.

The Purpose of Work Hardening

The functional capacity evaluation (FCE) consists of several tests that determine a worker's ability to work or receive disability benefits. Compare your physical strengths and limitations with the demands of various workplaces.

If you are undergoing rehabilitation, find out if you should be discharged or require additional therapy. The test is designed to do more than evaluate your competence as a worker - it also evaluates your wellbeing and everyday functioning. A doctor or occupational therapist may look over the results as part of your treatment plan.

In your test results, review the job placements that are suited to your physical and mental abilities. Learn about the different work environments that suit you and the accommodations you may need to work.

Candidates for Testing

Work Hardening New Carrolton tests are offered to workers who were injured and prevented from working at some point in the past. Their physical limitations may be caused by serious illnesses, such as stroke or cancer, which may be linked to unfavorable work conditions. Other testers were injured in the workplace, at home or in automobile accidents. There are all kinds of test takers who sign up, but they all share the common goal of evaluating their work abilities.

Length of Testing

Some people take the test for a few hours, while others take the test for several days. The length and complexity of testing depends on the severity of your health situation.

The functional capacity evaluation is the test you need to return to a former life of productivity and self reliance. Take the FCE to decide what you must do for your work future. Look into Work Hardening New Carrolton services that are provided by Portera Rehabilitation.