Get Rid Of Possums with These Small Tips

People have a misconception that possums are rodents whereas they are actually marsupials native to North America. They can weigh up to 15 pounds at full adulthood and can measure up to two feet in length. People generally assume that they are the size of rats or rabbits but they are not. Though this creature is not known for viciousness but it can certainly attack in self defense and can even bite like any other animal will do because of the basic survival instinct. Possums are known to be the carriers of infectious diseases and they are not the type of visitors you would want to be around your backyard or live in your home’s attic especially if you have small kids.

Possums are the not the best of neighbors you would want because they can damage your property which you don’t not want in any case. They are notorious and can very easily damage gardens, gutters, lawns, roofs. Possums don’t go far from their den in search of food so if you see a possum around your house then it’s an alarm for you that it would be living not far from you. But there are various ways through which you can keep the possum at bay:

The First Step: Like every other wild life creature possums also wander around in search of food and once they found a permanent source they start to live nearby. So the first step you have to take in order to safeguard your home boundaries from unwanted possum visits then remove all sources of food, water and shelter. If you have pets then remove all pet food, squirrel feeders, trash cans, bird seeds, water bowls and any other source of food and water. Possums are nocturnal so make sure you only take out your trash cans strictly on the morning pickup day otherwise possums will rummage through all the trash in search of food scraps.

Note: If you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden then put a fence around it. This will barred various types of wildlife from eating your crops. You can also sprinkle use clove oil or cinnamon around your garden area as they are natural wildlife repellant.

The Second Step: PossumS tends to live in hideouts that are safe from predators. So the common areas to inspect in your property are underneath decks and porches. Draw out any sort of animal living beneath certain areas of your home and seal the opening of that area. This will make possums move on and search new shelter somewhere else.

Note: You can use boiled eggs, marshmallows or canned tuna fish to lure them out of their hiding. You can use the time gap to seal up their entry points.

The Third Step: Possums are natural climbers and generally uses trees for shelter. They can very easily climb tree and can access your rooftops. Remember that once any nuisance wildlife have access to your roof they can very easily find access inside attics or can cause major damage to shingle. So trim tree limbs that are too close or against your house. This will curb the probability of a hang-out spot for possums in your house. .

The Fourth Step: If some how you find it difficult to remove possums from your house then contact a professional local wildlife controller in getting rid of pesky possums. They have the tools, training and resources required for the removal of nuisance wildlife from your house. Some of them even offer attic and crawl space restorations and other damage repairs caused by wildlife.