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Giving Assistant Browser Extension: Why You need to install it on your computer

Giving Assistant Browser Extension is a browser extension that effortlessly installs in either chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. For a successful installation, you must have the most recent versions of the browsers mentioned above in your device. With just one click you can activate the browser and start enjoying online buying, saving and giving donations to charity.

Why Install the Browser?

Installing the browser is the best thing you can do for yourself. The reason why it is essential to do so is that there are a lot of benefits that accrued from just pressing the button and availing the browser to your computer. Let me take you through some of these benefits.

·        Easy to Use

The browser extension is straightforward to use. There are clear guidelines that will enable you to shop for the commodity you want. All you need to do is to read and follow the instructions.

·        Fast

Using the extension saves you the hassle of traditional online saving platforms that would so much of your time before you get to purchase the item you intend to buy. The browser extension enables you to visit the store and directly make purchases within minutes.

·        Gives you Alerts

Once you get the browser extension on your device, you will quickly get alerts every time you get online. It means that you will never miss a dime. The alerts will notify you when there are new coupons to choose available. Also, you get told through these alerts when you are on a participating retailer's site.

·        No need to Search

If you have the browser with you, you do not need to click away to search for online stores. The Top codes for more than six thousand online stores auto load in the extension. All you have to do is browse and pick all your favorites in seconds.

·        Enables You to watch as your savings grow

After installing the browser extension, you’ll have the chance to watch as your savings increase every time you purchase an item. The browser extension offers you this opportunity contrary to what would happen if you didn’t have it with you. You would only perceive that you have saved but with no idea of exactly how much you have.

·        Free

The good thing about the browser extension is that you get it for free. You do not pay a dime to install it on your computer. You will make purchases, save, give donations and get paybacks through this browser extension and all at no cost.

·        Enables One to Make a good cause at the comfort of their home

You do not have to worry about how you will support the charity of your choice. With the browser extension, all you need to do is to select the charity you want your money donated to, and Giving Assistant ensure that the donation reaches its intended destination.



If you want to enjoy a faster way of shopping online, install the Giving Assistant Browser Extension in your device and shop at any time and a quicker rate.