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Medical Malpractice? Attorneys, Matzus LLC – Is Your Answer!

Counting an impressive two decades of experience in the hallowed halls of the Pittsburg justice system Attorney Jason Matzus, is an icon who has guided many a litigant carefully through it. Medical malpractice and the consequences of it could be devastating to the patient as well as to all those near and dear, having to endeavor a heart wrecking and uncertain future.

It may not only be love, which could bring about some solace to the patient and others, who would have to toil 24x7, depending on the severity of the malpractice experienced. The cost of nursing an invalid could be quite a drain on finances and going through such a traumatic daily schedule could break anyone’s heart just looking at the patient’s predicament. Adequate compensation from those who are responsible for the disaster could ease some of the burden on the mere fact that the patient could be provided necessary support and care.

It may not be a cakewalk to receive compensation for any medical malpractice as those responsible would not dole out willingly, hence recourse to the law would be the only option.

We know that the wheels of justice would grind slowly but with a reputed firm of attorneys such as the well positioned Matzus Law LLC by your side positive results could be envisaged. Jason Matzus has a reputation to uphold, with many accolades and awards under his belt to deliver on his promises, which would be forthcoming after he peruses your predicament well.

A past President of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice, a Pittsburgh Top 50 Lawyer and the Pennsylvania Top 100 Trial Lawyer awards on the mantelpiece, he is well positioned to serve you.

That would not be all, but there are many, one of which is being a proud member of the prestigious American Trial Lawyers Association and above all being a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer since 2008.

All these make Jason Matzus the most decorated and battle tested medical malpractice lawyer you could find anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

Strategically located in Pittsburg with access to clients from the surrounding counties of Beaver, Allegheny, Butler, Washington, Westmoreland and Erie, Jason Matzus is the one you need, to find you solace. Jason Matzus has taken some of the toughest challenges on the Pennsylvania court floors and has come out trumps with the recent award of around US $ 40 million, in one medical malpractice litigation. The sensational case where doctor negligence was proved and the jury awarded this colossal compensation was for a baby, one of a twin born with a damaged spinal cord.

Jason Matzus would ensure that the patient would have access to optimum after accident nursing care by maximizing financial recovery costs. It should also be mentioned that it is because of lawyers like Jason Matzus and some others that the Pennsylvania medical fraternity are kept on their toes. The chances of patients being maimed or permanently disabled has notably reduced in the state after such high profile medical malpractice litigation were brought against them.