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What going through a dental surgery procedure is really like

Whether you need dental surgery to relieve the pain of a wisdom tooth or want to radically improve your smile, the best thing you can do is to know what to expect from the experience.

How is the experience of going through a dental surgery treatment?

First and foremost, you should ask your trusted dentist how long it will last and what type of anesthesia you will use. Be clear about the steps you must follow on your own for a correct recovery after the operation. Do not forget to ask if there are types of foods that are prohibited, how to mitigate the pain in case it occurs and, in general, what attention you should give to the wound while it heals.

It is not uncommon for people who have gone through some process of dental surgery to feel uncomfortable. There are normal episodes of bleeding from the gums, pain in the operated area, swelling in the face and operated area, stiffness or inability to open the mouth completely. That is why it is essential to follow the indications of the professional for the postoperative period at all times.

Most people are unaware that they can be candidates for dental surgery for the simple reason that they do not know what condition their mouths are. That is why it is very important to visit your trusted dentist periodically to identify possible threats to the health of your mouth.

Dental implant surgery and other common procedures

As usual techniques within the broad panorama of dental surgery we can find the following at Kate Brayman DDS:

Implant surgery

At our NYC clinic, you can replace damaged or lost teeth with artificial ones whose function and appearance are like the natural ones. Depending on the type of implant and the condition of the jaw, this will be the specific technique used. Most often, it is done in stages and "getting implants" usually takes several weeks or months.

Cosmetic dental surgery

It is designed to improve your smile. It can include the placement of veneers or crowns in cases of individually discolored teeth or other techniques such as gingivectomies (gum cutting) for cases of "gingival smile".

Extraction of retained teeth

These teeth are those that grow out where they should not or even do not come out so they cause a lot of pain and can cause dental problems. Dental surgery may be recommended in some cases, the most frequent being wisdom teeth.

Corrective mandibular surgery

It may be indicated for certain cases such as trying to improve the fitting of the dentures and correcting the problem of fitting them.

Treatment and correction of traumatisms and facial deformations

The dental surgery also includes the repair of the damages caused by traumas in the face, mouth, teeth or jaws. If you need a reliable dental clinic in NYC and surroundings, Kate Brayman DDS at is at your disposal for all kinds of consultations and advice. Consider making an appointment with Dr. Brayman now.