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Importance of Washington among all cities

Washington, D.C

The federal capital city of the United States of America is officially known as the District of Columbia, but a more commonplace name is Washington or just D.C. As the federal capital, Washington harbors all the branches of government namely, executive, judicial and legislative. Named after the Founding Father of America, George Washington, Washington D.C. has been the seat of the U.S. federal government ever since. Its rich history has also ensured that it homes many important historical monuments. Due to this, Washington D.C. receives almost twenty million tourists every year, becoming one of the most visited cities in the world. Due to being the political hub, it is the home to many institutions, organizations, and embassies. The city was founded in 1790.

Interesting historical facts about Washington D.C.

●      Until 1871, Washington D.C. wasn’t a single city or district. The actual city was called District of Columbia only, which had been named after Christopher Columbus. The outskirts of this district were called Washington, sometimes also known as Georgetown. This surrounding area was named after George Washington.

●      Even though the named after the first president, he was not the first to have lived in D.C. Instead he resided in his hometown in Mount Vernon. The first president who lived here was John Adams. This was because the White House had not been completed being constructed during George Washington’s life.

●      During the war of 1812, the British army raided the entire city. They went around ransacking and burning the buildings. The United States Capitol and the White house also fell prey to this raid. It is rumored that the British troop ate the White House before they set it on fire. The fire did much damage but was put out. This fire was extinguished by the Storm that Saved Washington.

●      In 1884, Washington D.C. had the grand honor of housing the world’s tallest building, The Washington Monument. Unfortunately, the Eiffel Tower stole its thunder by beating its height.

●      According to George Washington’s demarcations, Washington D.C. was supposed to be in the shape of a diamond. Due to the abolitionists, a part of Washington went back to Virginia (where the biggest slave market was), and the perfect diamond was destroyed.

What makes Washington important?

Along with its political importance, Washington D.C. has great historical importance. The city’s rich history provides it with many buildings and monuments that the city and tourists still cherish to this day.

●      Washington D.C. also has some very interesting libraries. The world’s largest museum is the Library of Congress within D.C. This library contains about six thousand books and 160,000,000 objects in total.

●      Along with libraries, it offers great museums too. The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world. It becomes the center of about nine million tourists every year. The museum also displays a rock from the moon for the visitors.

●      The metropolitan area of Washington D.C. has, according to an estimate recorded in 2017, about 6.2 million residents. The city offers many facilities including the ones provided by storage units Washington.

●      Washington metropolitan area is the sixth largest area in the United States

●      The city has an interesting number of webbing bridges. The net of bridges lay across the entire city. Be it either at Potomac River or Anacostia River; the city houses many major beautiful bridges.

●      Washington also possesses the world’s largest aircraft maker, Boeing.

●      The people of Washington D.C. do not have an actual vote in Congress, therefore, don’t have a senator as a representative. A local mayor and his council govern the district. This mayor is locally elected.

The city of Washington has a lot to offer for almost everyone. The city’s loaded history adorns it in a flavorful way and makes it a cultural hub as well. Along with that, the city is greatly associated with everything to do with power, in history and present, which makes it even more interesting!