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Best SEO friendly themes for WordPress

The most important thing about a website is not it's content or the money it generates, it is the amount of traffic it can attract and sustain. All the benefits you gain from your online presence is a consequence of this. To create a perfect website, you need to be creative. No single formula works every time and you need to evolve with the trends. SEO optimization is a method of improving the traffic you gain from search engines. This increased traffic should be interested in you and must have the potential to become future customers. That should be the aim of any commercial website. WordPress is one of the easiest software you can use to build your website and here are the best SEO themes for WordPress.


We begin the list with the one of the most popular and best performing WordPress theme – Astra! It is a lightweight multi-purpose theme built with performance in mind. It works great with all major page builders and has SEO friendly features like Breadcrumb support, built-in schema markup, optimized header tags, AMP support, etc. that make it the best choice to build an SEO optimized WordPress website. Astra satisfies some major factors that help you rank higher in SERPs and help you attract interested audiences with rich snippets, etc.


This theme was specifically designed to cater to the needs of SEO companies. It offers a great deal of flexibility, it has an endless number of designs for your pages, engaging header styles, and an enormous amount of footer layouts. It is one of the easiest themes to use, it can be used by everyone, not just programmers and developers. You can also view the aesthetic changes you've made to your website in real-time, this saves you a lot of time and lets you be more creative. It is priced very low, but packs in many premium features.


This is one of the best themes for a magazine or a blog. It is a very clever and responsive theme that lets you design your website as you want to. You don't need to be a coder to create a website that looks professional in MagPlus. They have more than 150 unique elements in their theme and you will be able to customize to your heart's content. MagPlus is a great performer across many search engines, so if you want a site with SEO capabilities, MagPlus can be perfect for you.

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This is one of the best SEO optimized themes in WordPress that you can use for any type of website. There are no limits to Divi and you can truly go out of bounds with your creativity. They are constantly updated to keep in line with the latest trends and regulations. You can modify any layout to your specification without having to type a single line of code. The theme is extremely powerful and intuitive to use, making it a great choice for SEO.

Marketing Pro

This theme lets you create a savvy business website in a short amount of time. This platform contains many wonderful templates that you can directly publish with minimum tweaking. The process of building a website is very easy and you don't have to code. The unique feature of the theme is that it will let you build email lists in a very extensive manner, the theme is dedicated to increasing the conversations you make over email. It also has a great SEO framework.

Pick Your Favorite!

Well, while all the above themes are efficient with SEO friendly features, you can pick just one that will suit all the other needs too. Here are a few more things you might want to consider while picking a theme –

  • Speed and Performance
  • Ease of use (Easy setup and customization)
  • Deeper integrations with plugins like WooCommerce, LearnDash, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.
  • Least Compatibility issues
  • Most loved and reviewed! After all customer views matter.

Ready to begin building your website? Which theme are you starting with?