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Signs that you are holding yourself back

Most people in life face a lot of challenges of not making up to their best measures, they keep on making a comparison of their life and others and at the end they fail up to accomplish what they wanted. However, this should not be the case. What people do not know is that you should live your life be happy to enjoy it to the fullest you should not hold back your happiness. Unfortunately, most of the people do not even know that they are holding themselves back. Learn more about AARP Medicare supplement plan 2020 here. Some of the signs that will show you that you are holding yourself back are:

  • You are never excited about anything

This sounds strange but they are people who are not excited. A normal person should be excited of something, for instance, comedy, a hobby for example singing, dancing and many others something that you can do for fun. If you do not get excited about anything then you are probably holding yourself back.

holding yourself back

  • You never say no

In real life, people say no for example when you find that you are not comfortable with something. some people find it hard to say no when something is not good for them, as a result, they sacrifice their happiness, when you find yourself doing this you are probably holding back yourself.

  • You are always thinking negatively

If you usually don’t think of anything good for yourself then you are holding yourself back. If you have low esteem, then you are holding back yourself.

  • Keeping a shameful secret

Some secrets are painful and shameful for example the sexual harassment by a family member but that does not mean you should keep it to yourself. Once you talk to somebody you ease the pain from your mind and chest. Failure to do this is holding you back from becoming happy and you don’t want to do this do you?

  • You do things to please people

This is absolutely different from being kind to the people and helping them. Even if it is good to help people if you have the ability but it’s probably not wise at some point where you have to limit your happiness in order to make another person happy. You cannot just throw aside your ambitions and goals for the sake of pleasing others. If you find yourself doing such things, my friend you are holding yourself back. Your happiness needs to come first and from there you can think about helping others.

  • You fear to ask for help

We usually face problems sometimes in life but some of them seem beyond our handling power. As a human being, you cannot stand alone as a pillar, you will need to ask for help from others who might be at a position to help. If for example, you want to invest in something but you are short of cash, you can ask for help from your friends and achieve your dream. If you cannot be able to ask for help then you are probably holding yourself back.