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What wine to drink with foie gras?

The stalwart of the French cuisine, foie gras is regarded as one of the best companions of wine to get the celebrations started. When we merely mention French cuisine, the first amongst the few thoughts that cloud up in your mind is the soft texture and light yet lingering flavors imparted by the delicacies. In all, “lighter than the air” is the phrase that is most suitable to define the dishes that have a hint of sweetness in them, because as soon as you introduce it in your mouth, it melts creating an unparalleled amalgamation of flavors. We realize that foie gras as a dish is tagged at a quite high price and is beyond the reach for some consumers, but trying it at least once in a year and that too during Christmas will be worthy of every penny spent over it. In this article, we will be discussing the wonder that wine with foie gras creates!

  • Foie gras and sweet wine

If you are looking for the most suitable link between foie gras and wine, then there are certain factors to be taken into consideration before arriving at a choice. However, the most common combination is that of foie gras with sweet wine; this can sound a bit eccentric as the common link between both of them is the subtle sweetness accompanied by the distinct flavors of their own.

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But, when you indulge in the delicacy during Christmas, your sweet tooth automatically starts craving the treats which otherwise would taste bland throughout the year. The best phase of the meal to serve this combination would be between the entrée and the dessert because only then will you witness the richness that the foie gras brings along with it. Nevertheless, check the sweetness of the wine before serving it with foie gras as the overwhelming presence of the sweetener can dilute the latter’s flavors.

  • Combine it with red or white wine

Serving foie gras with white or red wine works best when it is served as an appetizer and justifiably so. This combination works like an oxymoron in the world of French food and is a delight in itself; some might think that in this case, the flavors of the wine can overpower the simple taste of foie gras, but in reality, it is this tinge of exaggeration that grants the pair its true essence. But, remember that not all categories of white and red wine do justice to their accomplices; there are a few specific ones that catalyze in rolling out the flavors. On one hand, the white wine should be nice and thick in density with its freshness intact. Also, the more is the age of the white wine, the better would it taste with foie gras.

On the other hand, coming to red wine, when placed along with fried foie gras, the results are unmatched. Nonetheless, red wine would suit alongside foie gras only when it is cooked lightly under a steady flame and mild spices for the flavors to evolve themselves and reach the surface of the dish when they reach the plate.

Apart from these two variations, you can create your own set of foie gras and wine depending upon your taste buds and the means of satiating them during Christmas!