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The news and their business models

It is a brave new world out there. Everything is changing, we see it all the time. The internet is making things faster and easier for all of us. It is also complicating our lives in a few different ways. For news outlets, it has been this way too. What used to be a bullet-proof model is now swiss cheese. News organizations, big and small, have had to come up with a variety of new strategies. Things are not as simple for them as they used to. There is an upside to all this change, but it comes with great challenges.

Today we will look at what news outlets have implemented to stay profitable in an age where things change so rapidly. Let us dive in and start breaking this down.

The traditional method

The original way in which news outlets made money was rather straight forward. They would produce content and then sell advertising time to anyone interested. Advertising would take a few different forms, which we are going to cover below, but that was basically it. There was nothing else available for them and they did not need anything other than advertising.


Companies would line up to acquire a few seconds for their brand in prime time news.

This came with some controversy, as money is power and advertisers offer all the money. Still, all the big news providers managed to stay quite neutral and make a good living. Things were great, and then the Internet happened.

To be honest, many of the ways in which ads worked in the past are still very much in use today. There is a slightly different expectation from viewers and a few new methods.

One news outlet that has a hybrid of all of these is CNN. In the cnn live stream you can see ads on the website. Also, while you watch cnn live you will occasionally see video ads. With cnn live you can see in action an example of advertising done right.


Regular ad time.

You can still find today’s content delivered in the traditional way. With commercial spots every few minutes this is the way it has been for a very long time. Viewers have a shorter tolerance for imposed ads, they do not like having their content interrupted. Because of this and the nature of the Internet, there are other forms of ads appearing.

Banners and pop-ups.

You can see banners and video ads pop up every now and then. This is very common in all sorts of media online.

Sponsored products.

You will also find sponsored products. Sometimes these are disclosed, and sometimes they are not. The way this works is that the content is supposed to include an organic promotion of a particular product.


It is possible today to target a specific audience with ads, and companies are taking full advantage of this. They will show different ads depending on preference, location, and many other details. In this regard cnn live is another good example. The cnn live stream is geared towards this practice. While you watch cnn live you will receive ads that are relevant to you. This is excellent because it saves you from seeing things that you will have no interest in.

We are seeing this trend more and more. It seems to continue to grow. This and other practices will surely dominate the new landscape in the years to come.


The news industry has found that they can still compete in today’s market if they adapt to their new environment. Many of the big names have already done it successfully.