A Guy And A Girl Can Never Be Just Friends According To Psychology

This topic has long been one of the most debatable topics on the globe. But it is also the most complicated issues that can exist in someone's life. It is funny but it is also so true. And we are not saying it, even science approves of this fact. Let us get it to you – A guy and a girl can never be just friends. And the reasons are more technical than you think. It is official, read on more to know about this. Even psychology approves of it and you will no longer blame yourself for feeling that way for your best friends.

# There Will Always Be Expectations

There are certain rules to a friendship. But it is not very complicated in a girl girl friendship and a guy guy friendship. When it comes to a girl-guy friendship than both the parties are playing some important roles in the equation. The guy is most likely to be the protective force and the girl is likely to be the emotional support. You don't admit it but both are fulfilling their needs in friendship.

# Other People Will Assume That You Guys Are Dating

It is when the other things get even more so complicated. Other people are likely to compliment to that how good you guys could look as a couple and some might even assume that you guys are in a relationship. It is funny that some people are afraid to approach you because they think that you are taken.

# Our Brain Is Hardwired To Attract To Opposite Gender

There is some biological reasoning also fitting into the equation. Even a guy and a girl are close enough to each other than they are most probably going to feel some attraction, no matter how big or small. If best friends are asked to list down the features they like about you, they are subconsciously going to remember in details about you. So if your best friends sends you love messages and pretend it wasn't suggestive for you then think again !!

# You Will Automatically Treat Each Other As Last Options For Dating

This is not something you will have always in your mind. But if both the guy and the girl are not dating anyone else and not finding a suitable mate, they will always consider you as a last option to settle down. And sometimes it even works out best for both.

# You Are Ought To Get Jealous Sooner Or Later

Yes that's our point ! Even if both the girl and the guy maintain a great friendship they are likely to be territorial. Some people realize it when you have a third person in the equation. Has it ever happened that your best friend like a new girl and you suddenly start getting protective and mad even if you mean well. Yes that's why.

# One Of Them Will Confuse The Care For Love – Usually The Guy

It is a scientifically proven fact that guys are more likely to fall for their female best friends, before girls. In some cases the girl friends is not likely to feel the same or not with the same intensity.

# You Bond And Get Comfortable With Each Other

You guys know each other very well and also enjoy each others company. You also tend to bond well and do not want to risk dating other people. Sometimes people find meaning in a friendship that is as long lasting as love.

# These Friendships Will Affect Your Potential Love Life

it is not funny sometimes, if a girl and guy spend more time talking to each other, even their potential lovers are going to run away. And at the end all you have is each other. It happens also sometimes when the friendship is very much deep and meaningful.