MicroStrategy 2020 Launches with Revolutionary Changes to the Analytics Industry


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(Los Angeles, CA, September 29) - MicroStrategy launches its newest platform release of their enterprise analytics software that brings intelligence to every organization and every person. They have been the #1 enterprise analytics tool for over 25+ years and with their newest edition they have brought revolutionary technology, hyperintelligence, to the fingertips of each of their users.

Hyperintelligence is the first product MicroStrategy has released in over 5 years. Hyperintelligence brings the answers you need--before you need them. Injecting keywords and data tags behind your favorite applications, MicroStrategy has found a way to bring those key performance indicators you need in an easy and consumable way.

MicroStrategy is providing this update to their customers with no additional licensing fee and will deploy a team of experienced MicroStrategists to update your platform at no cost. This approach has never been provided by an enterprise software company.

With this complimentary upgrade of their platform to their customers, MicroStrategy is investing over $6M back into their customers and showing their dedication to bringing intelligence everywhere.

Key influencers include: The first 4 are industry analyst companies that our industry relies on to prove our product is the best in the marketplace. The 5th is the major trade magazine for our industry.

  1. Gartner
  2. Forrester
  3. Constellation
  4. Ventana
  5. Enterprise Systems Media