Prevail Holdings, Inc

Dr. Courville speaks to healthcare leaders at Ceasars Palace

International Forum for Advancements of Healthcare 2019 Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr Kevin Courville, MD, FACC, FHFSA took center stage at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas Nevada at the recent International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) conference. Dr Courville, founder and CEO of Prevail Holdings, Inc. (parent company of Pusario Remote Heart Management System), represented the company in receipt of the award for the designation as one of the "Top 50 healthcare companies in the USA 2019" by IFAH. As part of the conference, Dr Courville presented the highly anticipated topic of Advanced Cardiology Treatments. Dr. Courville reviewed the Pulsario Remote Heart Management System’s ability to help providers manage patients with chronic cardiovascular diseases using computer assisted treatments in addition to many other proprietary advancements of the system. For the first time since early development, Dr Courville publicly revealed some of the elements of the "futuristic" but ready-now platform including the incorporation of precision medicine, machine learning and artificial intelligence, biosensors, medical intelligence and mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality) components compromising the industry leading chronic cardiovascular disease platform. He also described the marked improvements in patient outcomes with the system when coupled with nurse practitioners, physician assistants in Prevail heart clinics. The Pulsario RHMS is also utilized by outpatient primary care clinics, hospitals, ACOs, hybrid urgent care / chronic disease centers and post-acute care facilities. For more details visit or