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QDOBA's Focus on Animal Welfare 

SAN DIEGO (Oct. 17, 2017) -- At Qdoba Mexican Eats, the humane treatment of animals used in our products is of utmost importance. Although we don’t raise or process animals, we require, at a minimum, that our suppliers follow industry guidelines and government regulations concerning animal welfare. We fully support our suppliers’ commitment to work with experts in addressing animal-welfare issues, and we encourage their continuous leadership in this arena. Our goal is to work exclusively with suppliers who, along with their producers and vendors, demonstrate strict adherence to the protocols that have been created by several industry groups and associations with input from animal-welfare experts.

We remain committed to working closely with animal-welfare experts and our suppliers on the important issue of animal welfare. We must continue to examine the research, to learn from the science, and to challenge our suppliers to identify programs and practices they can implement that maximize to the greatest extent possible the humane treatment of animals used in the production of food sold in Qdoba restaurants. 

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