Quantum Creation

Get the spiritual knowledge from quantum creation

Quantum science is the science of small objects. Quantum creation explains you quantum theory principles. Quantum science and quantum science both are different. The theory of quantum defines the nature of small particles such as atom, molecules, photon, and electrons. It helps to describe the energy of matter at atomic and subatomic level. Quantum physics explain the things like atomic energy levels, photons, atoms, and the wavelength of electrons. It describes that how the things move at everyday speeds and sizes.

Dennis Zetting provides the great detail about the quantum creation of the world. The principle of physics explains that God is an observer that observes all movements of objects. Dennis simplifies this complex word of physics. So, you will able to understand that, how the evident God is living in the science. Dennis Zetting has written so many topics in scripture that explain scientifically and logically. For more information, you need to watch Dennis videos and read his articles.