A Ray of Light Umrah with Ramadan Umrah Package Service 2017 from London, UK

A Ray of Light Umrah with Ramadan Umrah Package Service 2017 from London, UK

Lets share a story. There was a girl, who love to talk, smile, dance, food, feel fun on doing pranks with others, punctual and regular about work, conscious about her responsibilities and obedience , crazy about her belongings, love to hang out with friends, curious about her out looks and make over. All day and night just spending her time on phone and TV, much have enough time for her yoga classes and gym, Offering prayers five times a day but in damn rush. Not have enough time to prostrate calmly and devotedly in front of Allah. Just doing her moral obligation of prayers as a simple duty as a compulsion of God. Never feared about angriness of God.

While its devotion and quality time comes for a person, she is spending every mini second on it as she could get all the assistances. She was not even embarrassed about some bad habits as like tit for tat, rebellious to others, considering yourself all right when she was at wrong, being classify in herself and society. Even never had any guilt in her heart after committing any sin and never did apologize to others for her misbehavior and miss conduct and not even to her lord. Thoroughly she was enjoying every aspect and moment of her life, as she believed that, life is for once, make it thrill, go for adventure, live it at your fullest.

One day her life turned over. One she talked to a person. A person who was completely strange to her. A few conversations with him completely changed her life. She realized herself at wrong stake. Moreover, started to fear from Allah. Then she tried to chase that person in every possible way but could not find any clue of him. She remembered that person as “stranger”. Who came in her life as a ray of light.

One night, she woke up with dreadful dream as she saw herself into miserable condition while offering prayer; she was trying to reach water which was just next to her but she could not get it. She was trying to convince Allah through her Dua, but God was not listening, next to her, she saw a person, whohad been insulted by her. However, he was blessed with rain over him. She was dying with the thrust, asking for water from him. However, he was not ready to listen her at all. She woke up and felt herself sweaty, cold and shivered. That was mid night;she prostrated and asked for mercy and forgiveness of her committed sins.

She decided to perform Umrah with Ramadan Umrah Package Service 2017 from London, UK. She not only did perform Umrah. Also prayed for that person in front of Kaaba, who came into her life as a ray of light. Who made her realize to choose the path of virtue and pity and taught her to bend. With that belief, Allah love those people who love to walk on road with bend neck and eyes, Allah does not like pride, arrogance. Allah also says,” as my command, I show the right path to whom, who deserves”. Moreover, she promised to Allah for quality time prayers with all purity of mind and soul. Those few conversations changed her life completely and today she is a very different person who always pray to Allah Almighty with all her concentration and sincerity. Moreover, most important thing she has learned to forgive and seek for forgiveness.