11 Awards and Counting for Humor Novel THE LOBBY

We are thrilled to announce that readers and critics are loving Randi M Sherman's latest humor novel THE LOBBY.

An unexpected and hilarious opportunity to eavesdrop on the comings and goings and most comedic intersection of those lives passing though an upscale San Francisco hotel lobby.

Eclectic guests, hotel staff and long-term residents stories intermingle throughout. 50 intertwined stories taking place during a single 24 hour period and in one location: THE LOBBY.

Meet wary travelers, business men and women, family vacationers, attend an impromptu wedding, a high school reunion and witness old and new relationships as they come to life in this charming novel.

THE LOBBY reminds us to put down our cell phones and look up to find that there are fascinating people passing right in front of us everyday and opportunities to make a connection that could change our day or our lives.

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