The Do's and Dont's Of Going To Court

The Do's and Dont's Of Going To Court

If you are going to have a day in court it is important to understand that the proper preparation is key. We have a compiled a list of the most important guidelines.

What You Need To Do:

Always be sure that you treat the officers of the court and police with the utmost of respect.

You will want to schedule an appointment with a lawyer as soon as you have been notified that you are being prosecuted so they have ample time to prepare. If you wait too long to find or contact a lawyer you may find yourself facing a much stiffer penalty.

You will need to have a qualified representative arrive at court at least 30 minutes prior to the hearing to have a discussion with you before heading into the court to know what is to be argued and what to expect.

Do not arrive at court wearing jeans and a t-shirt, take the time to dress smart for the hearing.

If You are running late, ensure that you call your lawyer and the court and tell them your situation.

What you do not want to do at court.

Never show up at court without the proper documents, late, or looking like you haven't slept in days. Believe it or not, by arriving in court with the wrong paperwork or no paperwork, you could end up with heavier fines or even jail time that could have been avoided.

Do not arrive at court with a couple of minutes to spare and expect to have a thoughtful conversation with your lawyer, even they need time to prepare fully.

Never assume that you are entitled to legal aid or a lawyer is going to be waiting for you at court.

Check out this list of conviction codes to get an idea of the different motoring offences.

Never consider not going to court if you happen to be running late. More than likely you will find a police officer at your door wanting to know why you did not appear.

If you are going to be going to court for driving under the influence or speeding, be sure to read our Offence Guide.