Bring Your Ray Ban While Travelling to Venice 

I am here to confirm that Venice is actually just as amazing as it seems in all the photos you’ve seen. Unlike anywhere else I’ve been before, the colorful mazes of streets intertwined with the rivers make this island city a perfect vacation spot. There is just something different about Venice that makes you slow down, relax and enjoy the surroundings. We think that after you read this you’ll be throwing on your Ray Bans and get ready to explore this picturesque city.

What to bring:

Pack for sunshine with a hint of glam! Sundresses, shorts and tanks are the perfect choice for summer day in Venice. Make sure to bring your sunglasses! My Ray Bans were the perfect accessory as we explored the town. You’ll also be walking a lot, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes!

What to do:

First things first, yes the gondola ride is totally worth it. The prices are crazy for the short amount of time you’re on the ride (they run 80 euros for 30 minutes) but it makes for some great memories. I have a photo of myself and a friend in my round Ray Bans that I will cherish forever! We picked up our gondola near the San Zaccaria water taxi stop and had a great time! The views are beautiful no matter where you go, just try not to take a gondola that brings you down the Grand Canal since that always has so much boat traffic.

A visit the islands of Murano and burano are also a must-do. Just a quick ferry ride away, Murano is known for their glass blowing craft and Burano is a cute fishing village famous for their colorful houses and hand made lace. This was the perfect place to walk around find presents to take home. I found a beautifully beaded eyeglass holder for my mom. She absolutely loves her Ray Bans Erikas and the purple glass beads look perfect with them.

For a late dinner and night out definitely check out Paradiso Perduto tavern of seafood and drinks. There was a live jazz band playing while we were there which was so refrehsing and amazing. One thing we did noticed about restaurants and shops is how early everything closes. Don’t expect to sit down to eat anywhere past 10 PM. Also, we learned that pizza ovens are not permitted on the island so they won’t have crispy crust (aka the key to a good pizza) so I recommend sticking with pastas!

In general, anywhere you wander in Venice will have something beautiful to see. You never really know what will be around each corner but it is guaranteed to be lovely. Even walking through the more touristy San Marco Plaza past the Basilica was nice, although you definitely notice the streets radiating from that area to be a bit more packed with walking tours and such. We were pleasantly surprised with how safe walking around the streets at night was too!