Big game feeding leads to winter BLM closures

The Bureau of Land Management Cody Field Office reminds the public of seasonal winter closures in the Bald Ridge, Carter Mountain, Little Mountain and Twin Creek Trail areas. These closures are meant to limit disturbance to wildlife and big game in crucial winter ranges. “Areas where big game feed become less and less available with increasing snow,” said BLM Wildlife Biologist Destin Harrell. “These areas also become more important to wintering wildlife as the season advances. Low elevation winter ranges serve as calving and fawning grounds where adults wait to feed on the first shoots of green grass to begin raising their young.” The following BLM-administered lands are included in the seasonal closures: -Bald Ridge: closes January 1 through April 30 to all use including hunting and trapping. The Hogan/Luce Campground remains open to camping and the Hogan and Luce Reservoirs remain open to fishing. -Carter Mountain: closes Nov. 15 to June 15 to all motorized travel. The area remains open to foot and horseback travel. -Little Mountain: closes Dec. 1 to April 30 to all motorized travel in the high country. The area remains open to foot and horseback travel. Signs and maps are posted at key locations to assist the public. The Little Mountain Travel Management Map can be downloaded at -Twin Creek Trail: closes Jan. 1 to April 30 to all use where the trail easement passes through private land and on BLM-managed public land. The trail closure begins on the west side of the South Fork of the Shoshone River. For more information, or for maps of the seasonally closed areas, please contact BLM Outdoor Recreation Planners Nancy Patterson or Paul Rau at 307-578-5900, or stop by the Cody Field Office at 1002 Blackburn Street. #reboot